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Strong to the Core   $25.95 

Author: Lisa Westlake
Publisher: ABC Books
Soft cover, 184 pages

Strong to the Core is a book that unites the valuable principles of ball training, with mainstream fitness. Readers are able to improve both health and fitness as you train deep, stablising muscles in conjunction with outer muscles for strength and definition. Core stability is now recognised as an invaluable factor in strength and conditioning. Using the ball in mainstream training also offers fresh challenge and intensity plus exercise variety, joint mobility and enhanced strength and flexibility. Strong to the Core identifies over 70 exercises and 10 training programs using the fitball. Exercises are clearly described and illustrated, each with its own technique tips and modifications.

Options and exercises are provided such that young and old, the new exerciser and the gym junkie all reap great benefits from Strong to the Core. Programs include prenatal and back care, strength training, core stabilisation and flexibility.

Take your body to the next level of strength and fitness with the revolutionary fitness toll, guaranteed to:

• Activate your torso for sensational tone and definition
• Strengthen your spine for a pain free back
• Improve your posture
• Develop core stability
• Improve your performance for work, play, sport and competition.

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