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Strong and Stable   $25.95 

Author: Lisa Westlake
Publisher: ABC Books
Soft cover, 208 pages

Strong and Stable builds on the original fitball exercises of the internationally successful Strong to the Core and takes your body to the next level of strength and fitness. Over 100 new exercises will help you look good and feel fantastic, giving you a stronger, leaner and injury-free body. Bestselling author Lisa Westlake shows you how to: strengthen and define your body, develop core stability, activate body balance, increase abdominal strength, improve mobility and flexibility.

Using an exercise ball provides a range of improved alternatives to exercising on terra firma. The fluid movement of the ball enhances mobility and flexibility to keep your body supple and moving with ease.

Strong and Stable provides a scope of exercises that enhance:
• Mobility and flexibility for freedom and movement
• Strength for function, form and a great looking body
• Core stability to provide you with a healthy back and strong foundations for healthy injury-free movements in every day life and sport
• Cardiovascular health to boost the performance of your heart and lungs
• Balance to help decrease risk of trips and falls, and help you perform every day activities, sport and competition with improved ability and control
• The control & feedback on the ball encourages a finer focus on exercise technique, movement patterns and postural precision, awakening an awareness which feeds into your every day life creating a proud posture and elegant style.

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